digital group's Richard Bemis

Brad H unclefalter at
Wed Mar 3 22:23:40 CST 2021

Hi there,

I am working on a 30 minute historical video about the digital group.  For source material there isn't a ton of stuff out there unfortunately and much of the account of what happened to the company comes from the late Dr. Robert Suding.  In his account, Suding sort of points fingers at Richard "Dick" Bemis for mismanagement of the company.  

I am wondering if anyone knows what became of Mr. Bemis after his stint running dg.  Apart from a couple of (slightly snarky) letters to Dr. Dobb's Journal when dg was still operational, there's literally no trace of him on the internet.  If he's still around I'd love to get his side of the story to balance things out, or at least find out what he did afterwards.

Thought I'd write here in case anyone knew.


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