Vax/pdp on ebay

Doc Shipley doc at
Fri Mar 5 10:57:18 CST 2021

On 3/5/21 10:51, Nigel Johnson via cctalk wrote:
> Speaking of badges, I have a BA23 that doesn't have one. It was an 11/73
> but that badge is gone, and I am trying to repair an 11/93 to go in there.
> Does anybody have a spare 11/73 badge for the BA23 that could be used as
> a model for a printed version that says 11/93?  I don't believe there
> ever was one for the BA23 chassis!  I have a BA123 micro VAX II badge
> going spare if anybody needs it, or to swap for an 11/73!

   I once had a pair of 11/93s that originally lived in BA23 pedestals, 
and I'm fairly certain that they did have "MicroPDP 11/93" badges.

   I'll look and see if I have any photos.


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