Tymshare PDP-10 tapes

Tony Aiuto tony.aiuto at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 19:17:08 CST 2021

On Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 1:37 PM Lars Brinkhoff <lars at nocrew.org> wrote:

> Tony Aiuto wrote:
> > that gets lots of files with names like 'dsk:[1,4]specdf525].mic'
> > That just seems wrong.
> Correct, back10 does get some things wrong.  It also puts some data at
> the beginning of files which should be part of the file header.  TITO
> uses the "*FAILSAFE" magic number which fools back10 to think it's
> What problem do you have with my tito tool?  Which tape did you try?
> I haven't tested all tapes, so maybe some of them has surprises.

Like I said before

$ ./tito -x -f 169249.tape
fopen: Is a directory
$ bin/back10 -l -f 169249.tape | head
  18-Nov-1858 00:00:00  <754>  dsk:[1,1][3,700202].ufd
  18-Nov-1858 00:00:00  <754>  dsk:[1,1][3,700004].ufd
  18-Nov-1858 00:00:00  <754>  dsk:[1,1][3,700220].ufd
$ bin/back10 -x -f 169249.tape

that gets lots of files with names like 'dsk:[1,4]specdf525].mic'

>  I'm not sure what to do with the file checksum yet.

That is useful to verify that we reassembled the pieces correctly.
$ sha1sum 169249.tape
1230fb20086990a1ff777fce32591f2900425694  169249.tape
This matches yours.

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