Need to have a roll of paper punch tape read by a tape reader and printed

Gary Dye garyldye at
Mon Mar 8 16:30:46 CST 2021

Hi folks.  I wrote a basketball program in Basic over 40 years ago in high school.  I printed the 13 pages of code, and produced a roll of paper punch tape of the code, but the 13 pages were destroyed, leaving me with only the paper tape.  My 14-year-old son was pretty fascinated to see the roll of computer punch tape -- paper with holes in it! -- that we used to store files in the old days. And that we didn't have computer screens, but only a teletype element that printed -- one letter at a time -- the back-and-forth information between the timeshare computer and the teletype (output). This paper punch tape is the Basic program that I wrote in high school that played a random basketball game (as called by Bill Schonely, radio voice of the Portland Trailblazers). I'm trying to find someone to run it through a tape reader so that I can retrieve the code and play the game again.  I'm hoping to explain the code to Owen so that he might understand the power of coding and get interested in coding.

Is there anyone out there that I can send my roll of paper tape to such that the code can be restored?  I could pay some compensation for your troubles.

Much appreciated,


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