Is DECtape Read/Write Head "In-the-Weeds" Info Available?

Bob Vines bobvines00 at
Wed Mar 10 13:56:19 CST 2021

Does anyone have "in-the-weeds" information on the DECtape read/write
heads?  I've got several TU-55 transports and a box of DECtapes (thank you
very much Doug!) _and_ Michael's failed DECtape head from several years ago
that I'm de-potting.  I very much want to figure out how to repair
Michael's DECTape head and will return it to him if I can do so.

I've read the document that Al posted a link to in the discussion on DF32s:

Message-ID: <1e97981e-05d9-f272-d2fe-10ae38da6668 at>
"remided me of the problems with rhodium plating on RF08 drives here on
page 9

The "Oral History of Grant Saviers" is interesting and gives a lot of
information about various storage technologies that were used over the
years.  It reminded me of my desire to learn everything I can about DECtape
_and_ DECtape transports.

Maybe the CHM or someone else has interviews or tech data that helps answer
my request?


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