name/model of HP portable printer? (not HP 2225x) circa 1993

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How about this...

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Subject: name/model of HP portable printer? (not HP 2225x) circa 1993


Does anyone remember the product name or number of the tiny HP portable printer (*not* an HP 2225 of any kind!) that probably came out about the same time as the HP Omnibook 300 (1993)?
(My google-fu failed me.)

IIRC, it was able to print on regular paper 8.5" wide, probably using a thinkjet mechanism.
Battery powered, probably black, probably HP-IL interface.

I remember coveting one when I got my first Omnibook, but by that time they were off the market and the only one I ever saw wasn't for sale (I did borrow it for a few days, it worked well).
The use of standard (in the U.S.) paper, plus the tiny size, had be interested in it.



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