Classic browsing and duckduckgo

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Mar 13 13:02:06 CST 2021

Confession:  I'm an old geezer who doesn't understand this internet
stuff.  But:

I didn't have any problems finding information on the ECP-18.

mentioned here:

1966 vintage product of Datamate Computer Systems Inc.

Bitsavers has a directory for the DM-70, a later system, but there are
other numerous mentions on the web.

Even turns up a listing for the ECP-18, as well as the ECP-18A.

Sometime around 1967, Gamco Industries acquired Datamate.  CHM has a
marketing brochure for the ECP-18:

According to a couple of references, the ECP-18 was classified as an
"educational computer".

But then, I've given you enough information to get started.


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