Logic Analyser Usage Advice

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 26 04:08:04 CDT 2021

I have an old HP 1630G logic analyser. I am trying to use it to debug a
problem with an 82C206 peripheral controller (or rather I think damage
between the CPU and the peripheral controller). I am not very experienced
with logic analysers and I wonder if I am using it correctly.


What I am trying to do is see which internal registers are being
read/written and the values. To do this there are two signals (XIOR and
XIOW) that trigger the read/write on their rising edge. So I have connected
the XIOR and XIOW signals to the J and K clock inputs and set the LA to
clock on the rising edge. I have then told the LA to trigger on a particular
address range (in the State Trace screen if anyone is familiar with this


When I run the analyser it complains of a slow clock. This makes sense,
because I am using the read/write signals to drive the clock inputs so that
I only capture actual reads and writes to the peripheral controller.
However, I don't seem to be getting sensible values in the trace and I am
wondering if the LA is really not capturing anything because of the slow


I don't think it makes sense to clock the LA on the actual clock signal
because I won't be able to capture the address and data values on the rising
edge of the read/write signals and I would end up with traces full of
useless data.


Am I doing it right, or is there a technique that I am missing here?





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