punching paper tape

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On Fri, 26 Mar 2021, Paul Koning wrote:
> Some machines used 7-track paper tape that is narrower than 8 track 
> tape.  I thought Whirlwind was one of those.

Yes, the LGP-30 uses 7-tack paper tape as well. Normal 8 track paper tape 
is 25.4mm, 7 track tape 22.2mm. The latter is absolutely unobtanium... (I 
think we have one or two spools).


FYI, from a recent GK thread:

I contacted https://www.adorablesupply.com to get clarification about their
pin feed paper since sometimes people call 9.5" paper 8.5" if it has tear
edges.  Turns out the guy who responded knew what a Teletype machine 
was. I mentioned Teletype restoration as a generic reference and his 
response was "I go back a long way with the Teletype 28's"

They also can supply tape in both 11/16" and 1".  I suspect they could 
also do 7/8".  Wonder if they could do gummed back WU style tape?


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