Pro350/"XT" pre-release documents

Chris Zach cz at
Mon Mar 29 16:03:46 CDT 2021


Given that other people seem interested in the Pro/350 series systems I 
thought I would dig out and scan some of the remaining manuals I have. 
These seem to have come from an agreement with SPSS back in 1982 or so 
and all appear to be draft documents.

I'll upload them as I scan them (takes time) to

I'll upload a PDF file along with a zip file of the scans at 300dpi.

Question: Would the SPSS manuals be interesting?

Also I have an RSX11M 3.2 manual set in a big binder, worth scanning or 
is that up there already? I'm assuming the Fortran manuals have already 
been scanned in the past.

Final thought: Looks like I have the spss/x floppies for the Pro version 
1.0, are those out there somewhere already?


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