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Re: http://tsxplus.classiccmp.org in order to get the approval of S&H to
host their product and manuals, we had to agree to some specific conditions
to make them available to the public.

Please use http://tsxplus.classiccmp.org as the company-sanctioned
distribution point.

The archive apparently at https://shop-pdp.net/~stuff/PDFs/TSX-Plus/ seems
to be a pirated "not approved by the owners of the software" copy.



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 > Also came across a TSX Plus reference guide and install guide, from  >
1985. These two fill a very large binder, have they already been  > scanned?

The 6.50 manuals, TSX Plus 6.50, and the COBOL and RTSORT layered products
are also available here:



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