Pro350/"XT" pre-release documents

Chris Zach cz at
Tue Mar 30 17:58:27 CDT 2021

>     The Pro 350 version was likely a bit more interactive and I would be 
> very interested in getting a copy of it. As far as the best way to get a 
> copy made, it would be great to read them on a M+ system that has TCP/IP 
> or is at least connected to HECnet so the disk images could be uploaded 
> somewhere. Also, the manuals would be of interest as well. The SPSS-11 
> manual I have is a relatively thin paperback book.

It was pretty cool, I think you could do graphs and the like on the 
screen as well and send them to the LA50 printer (I bought one of those 
on Ebay for like $10 bucks, I wonder where it is). But now I guess I 
will have to drag out my Deskpro/XE which should have a 5.25 inch floppy 
and see if it still works, is clean, and won't shred the disks.

So how can one scan a soft bound manual without destroying it in the 


> Thanks,
> Mark

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