DEC H8575-A DB25 to MMJ

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Wed Mar 31 11:30:55 CDT 2021

Hi Tim,

You don't say where you are located and your phone number doesn't include
a country code so I am guessing you are in North America.

I have a decent MMJ crimper and some MMJ plugs.  I don't have 20 foot of
cable though.  If you send me the required length of cable, plus a bit more
length (or something else nice) to cover the cost of return postage from
Ireland, I would be willing to make up the cables you are looking for and
post them to you.

I even have an MMJ cable tester box which sees very little use.

If MMJ to DB25 cables would be more suitable for your purposes, I could do
those instead, however if we somehow fail to communicate the correct cable
specification, the cables would be no use for their intended purpose and no
use for anything else either and my MMJ cable tester box would also be very
sad that it didn't get used after getting it's hopes up :-)

Peter Coghlan.

> hello all
> i am looking to purchase qty 2 DEC H8575-A DB25 to MMJ adapters.
> anybody have some that they can sell?
> also need a couple of mmj to mmj cables, 10' or longer would work.
> thanks
> tim
> timothy rutherford
> teor at
> 505-550-5110

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