That VAXStation4000vlc 3W3 video connector

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at
Mon May 3 20:29:26 CDT 2021

On Tue, 4 May 2021, Jonathan Stone via cctech wrote:

>  You need a video cable with a 3W3 connector on one end. Original was likely a DEC BC29G-10.
> That, plus 5BNC-to-VGA cables, and 3 F/F BNC barrels, will work with a multisync monitor that handles sync-on-green.
> I just went through this with several DECstations, where the Turbochannel graphics options have the same 3W3 connector.

 Or track down a 17-04816-01 part, which is a 6ft DA3W3M-to-DE15F adapter 
cable (original DEC designation "CABLE ASSY,RND,VIDEO,3W3, 15POS HD") you 
can wire an ordinary analog VGA cable directly to.  Much neater and easier 
than fiddling with bulky BNC adapters only to get to a VGA connector which 
is not a proper coax line anyway.

 Sadly I've got only two of those and would easily now have a use for at 
least four, but I considered $66 per piece ~20 years ago a tad expensive 
(and back then only had two video adapters that would require one anyway).

 Cf. <>.

 Failing either solution you can make your own adapter cable: 



(you'll also need a case for the connector, the other connector and a 
length of suitable cable of course).  They have a US site too.



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