920M - and also the Argus 200 / 700

jos jos.dreesen at greenmail.ch
Tue May 4 03:01:22 CDT 2021

Yep, Europe was also active at the time.

in the UK around 1960 the Argus 200 was developed to control the Bristol Bloodhound anti-aircraft rocket. This computer was one of the very first transistor-based control computers.

In Switzerland the Bloodhound was on duty  until 1999 ! One of the sites, once top secret,  is now a museum, and well worth a visit.

Check out https://www.museums.ch/org/de/Bloodhound-Lenkwaffenstellung

Besides the rockets there is plenty to see for the tech enthusiast : the illuminating radar,  a fully functional Argus 700 computer that was a major update of the Argus 200, and some remnants of the orignal Argus 200 computer, for instance the programmable ROM module.


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