That VAXStation4000vlc 3W3 video connector

Jon Elson elson at
Tue May 4 08:54:40 CDT 2021

On 05/03/2021 06:22 PM, Adam Thornton via cctalk wrote:
> I assume it would be way too much to hope that HD BNC would fit it?  Does
> anyone have a pointer to the actual physical dimensions of the itty-bitty
> BNC-ish connector in the video port of the VAXStation4000vlc?  If I can get
> red, green, and blue out (assuming since there are only 3 connectors it's
> sync-on-green) I can put together a sync splitter and turn it into VGA.  I
> have at least one decent multisync VGA monitor still, although none with
> the RGB BNC inputs.
These connectors (D-style shell same as regular 15, 25 and 
37-pin shells) with several coax inserts)
are an industry standard.  You can buy the connectors and 
pins from the likes of Digi-Key, Mouser and Newark.  They 
require a fancy crimping tool, but for just 3 contacts, you 
can probably solder or fudge it somehow.  AMP (now TTI) has 
excellent documents which you ought to be able to turn up at 
one of the above distributors.


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