Motor generator

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Tue May 4 18:43:37 CDT 2021

I recall we had a motor generator and fluid cooling for the 3033 we had. We also had 2 smaller ones as well ( forget the numbers ). They all ran 360 code..
It is astounding how far things have come from that time.

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On 2021-May-04, at 4:06 PM, Donald via cctalk wrote:
> In the deep recesses of my mind I seem to remember something about S/360
> machines using a motor generator.
> If I am right was this to create a stable power source at a certain
> frequency or voltage?

I dont know about the 360, but a motor/gen can provide several benefits:
        - isolate the load side from mains noise
        - provide a degree of regulation from mains fluctuation thanks to the inertia of the rotating mass
        - raise the frequency so subsequent power supply transformers and caps can be smaller (ala 400Hz operation in aircraft)
        - convert to 3-phase as Chuck mentioned, although I would have thought that by the time a 360 is running from a motor-gen
          it's probably already being supplied with incoming 3-phase mains

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