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Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri May 7 11:03:47 CDT 2021

On 5/7/21 5:53 AM, Chris Elmquist wrote:

> The HQ building (nee BTC) was built just a year before ETA started,
> so 1982 or so.  But somehow it ended up with very 70s-ish decor, even
> if it was all new 70s-ish decor.  It's possible they wanted all the guys
> that moved down from ARHOPS and ADL to still feel at home...

Oh, yeah, brightly painted exposed pipes, too.  Probably inspired by the
1970's Centre Pompidou in Paris.

CDC native decor was the usual 60's drab.   The ubiquitous brwon
vinyl-and-fabric Steelcase chairs, for example.  Another hangover,
thankfully abandoned, was the OCR-looking typeface on office typewriters.

I hated the look of that so much that I managed to snag an IBM Model B
Executive with proportional spacing when a GM's secretary moved to a


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