Apple II+ Video questions

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at
Sun May 9 16:16:11 CDT 2021

Working on restoring my very first computer, an Apple II+. Got it mostly 
working with just a couple of issues identified at the moment. Some of 
the keys on the keyboard don't register but I can work on that. The real 
question I have is about the video, it constantly rolls and no amount of 
playing with the vertical hold on any monitor I try will completely stop 
it. I can get it close but it will slowly roll one way or the other at 
best. Tried several different monitors and it is the same on each. Also 
tried my old Apple IIe and it seems fine on all the monitors so trying 
to decide what might be the issue with the II+. Any ideas or areas to 


David Williams

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