QBUS/UNIBUS card handles

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> >> I would assume it would be trivial to do an injection-moulded run of these handles...
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> > They might also be ideal for silicone mold / resin cast, for smaller/home production runs?
> Resin casting will work, but it's messy, etc.  I haven't had any trouble 
> with the toughness of 3D printed handles.  Honestly, I often attach them 
> with a pair of small zip-ties instead of rivets, and they are still 
> plenty strong.  The usual caveats about 3D printing apply -- just don't 
> print it so that the layers will be torn apart when you pull on it!

Douglas Electronics used to stock these as Miscellaneous items alongside their DEC compatible PCBs.


However I don't see them listed anymore; nor am I able to find them using the search function .
Possibly they simply sold out of their existing stock, and that was that.

You could inquire on the off chance that they just aren't listing any remainders.


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