Apple II PSU

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at
Mon May 10 18:17:14 CDT 2021

On 2021-05-10 17:31, Adrian Graham via cctalk wrote:
> Just me that reaches for a 2mm drill then? I realise people may react
> in horror at this, but your chances of getting swarf in the PSU are
> slim to negative. Oh and while you’re in there, please remove the
> 0.47uF RIFA before it explodes, assuming it hasn’t already of course
> in which case it’d be best to clean up the mess it left when it did.

Well given I've never had to drill anything out before, the idea hadn't 
occurred to me. As far as replacing anything inside, this unit is 
completely dead and I suspect a good bit of it will have to be replaced. 
Just need to get inside first.

David Williams

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