In search of RK05 rack caddy

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Tue May 11 08:22:26 CDT 2021

I have a couple spares made of wood that I and a friend put together.  I 
know I have two for sure - may have a couple more in storage.  Stores 
the disks vertically (which is probably better than storing them 
horizontally).  Not as space efficient as wire racks of course.  7 disk 
packs stored in just under 15 inches of space.

Of course, it would probably be cheaper to make them than to ship them.  ;)


On 5/8/2021 4:47 PM, Fritz Mueller via cctalk wrote:
> Okay, now that my 11/45 is up and running well, I could really make good use of one of those rack caddies    for RK05 packs to hold my most commonly used system packs for different operating systems.  Anybody have one they'd be willing to sell/trade, or at least the DEC part number so I could try to track down some drawings?
> Looking at pictures on the web, there seem to have been at least two styles: one with plated rod wings, and one with sheet metal wings?  I'm supposing I'll end up needing to fab something myself unless these are less rare out there than I think they are (I've yet to see one go by on ePay, for example.)
>      cheers,
>        --FritzM.

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