Apple II PSU

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Tue May 11 09:59:37 CDT 2021

The rivets are likely more of a safety thing than an issue warrantee repair thing. The inside of a Apple II is intended to have user access. The switching supply has 300 to 400V DC inside. Definitely a potential lethal hazard.
I hate those filter caps. I had one go at the last Maker Faire ( no more 🙁 ). I was trying out the Oregon trail when the nasty smoke started pouring out. Luckily we had a drill handy to remove the rivets.

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On 2021-05-10 18:18, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> This area is so backward, that metric drill bits are considered
> esoteric!
> 1/8" works OK, and will chuck in a Dremel.
> If it were a damaged screw, rather than a rivet, I would use a
> left-handed drill bit.

Which is pretty much what I ended up with. Surprised that this unit
looks in such good shape inside, I expected to see it already exploded.

Well time to get to work on it now and see if I can't get a working unit
out of it.

David Williams<>

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