PDP-11 SPACEWAR running again!

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Wed May 12 04:37:18 CDT 2021

Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> There are also at least two GT40 implementations of Spacewar.
> Is there a web page I could check that would include the hardware
> requirements?  I don't have a GT40, but I have a VT11 (4-slot
> backplane and cards) and an assortment of Unibus PDP-11 processors
> (11/04 or 11/34 would be the easiest to configure, but I have others).
> I don't have the keyboard, lightpen or a tube yet.

Sorry, there is no web page.  But the games only require the VT11, and a
keyboard which is attached to the standard console input so any ASCII
sender is usable.  They don't use a light pen.

For more serious computing, there is also a terminal emulator compatible
a Datapoint 3300 which requires a DL11 to talk to a host.

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