DEC PDP-8/e Omnibus backplane lubrication

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Heading back to the OP topic, lubrication and reduction in insertion force (given presumptively clean contacts), I've read good things about NyoGel 760G Dielectric Synthetic Grease.  "Used for lubrication and protection of electrical contacts."

Safety sheet: 

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Subject: DEC PDP-8/e Omnibus backplane lubrication

What is the best type of lubricant for Omnibus backplanes?

It can be a struggle to insert and remove PDP-8/e boards into the Omnibus.
There is a risk of damage to the brittle bakelite connector housings on the
Omnibus PCB.
Traditional contact sprays should work but have two problems:

1) they remain wet and over time will attract and retain dust
2) the solvent and lubricant *may* weaken or attack the bakelite

There are some PTFE (Teflon) based lubricant sprays which create a dry
film. Would this type of spray work?

Any suggestions on what I could use that reduces the strain on the Omnibus
and the PCBs during insertion/removal without creating new problems?

Thanks and best regards
Tom Hunter

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