DEC PDP-8/e Omnibus backplane lubrication

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Ok, good article. From what I read, there are some things it doesn’t do. Author states "What it will not do.   IT WILL NOT REMOVE RUST. IT WILL NOT REMOVE OXIDATION" cool beans. He also states that it isn’t as good as military products for aluminum salt fog. I hope the Op wasn’t planning to use his PDP-8/E in a salt fog. And the author indicates probably won't make your stereo sound better (or at least as good as the oxygenated copper power cord for $250). The OP wasn’t looking for rust removal or oxidation removal, so what it lacks doesn’t seem to disadvantage the op. In addition, the author says the product is good for many things, lubrication was one of them and apparently lighter fluid is excellent for corrosion prevention. Hardly seems like snake oil based on the author's article. Seems more like a product very similar (but perhaps not as good) as military products he's used. Ok.

All in all, the author seems to indicate this might be a good product for the problem the OP was experiencing. The author simply rebuffs the argument made on audiophile websites indicating it is the miracle cure, which I think most rational people would agree on.

So unless I misread the article, I'm still happy with my suggestion to the op.
73 Eugene W2HX

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> In probably 30 years I've been repairing equipment and among the dozen or so electronics forums I belong to, you may be the first person I've run across to throw some shade on that product.

and Ben synthesizes some corrosion inhibitor

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