Looking for VAXSET Software Engineering Tools for VMS 4.x

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at ntlworld.com
Fri May 14 05:08:43 CDT 2021

On 14/05/2021 10:47, Malte Dehling wrote:
> Perfect!  Thanks so much :-)  The first two are now also on archive, the
> InfoServer CD will follow soon:
> I plan on updating the description for the CONOLD CDs with a list of the
> books included.  That probably means writing a script to extract that
> information from the DECW$BOOKSHELF files.

I did look at the CONOLD and there didn't seem to be anything that would 
help (other than the bookshelf files).

There was the VTBOOK software on a DECUS release many years ago. It got 
stomped on for a while and then DEC gave up the fight against PDF and (I 
think) VTBOOK made it to the Freeware CD. That might help in working out 
the format.

> Wow, thanks a lot!  You are putting in some serious effort here!  I'm
> glad this worked so well :-)

I rather suspect that if I'd stopped the initial ddrescue when it was at 
99% and just gone straight to the 1500 grit sandpaper, then I could have 
saved my DVD-RW a few days of work.

I've just catalogued the VAX CONDIST/CONOLD sets I have and it comes in 
at 14 or so. I'm hoping that someone tells me that they're already 
archived before I start on those :-)


Antonio Carlini
antonio at acarlini.com

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