VAXstation 4000/90 Diagnostics

Zane Healy healyzh at
Fri May 21 15:38:39 CDT 2021

Is anyone familiar with the 4000/90 diagnostics?  It looks like it will fail the test of the LCSPX graphics board, if it’s not plugged into a monitor, or is missing a loopback device. Is that correct?

T 2 fails, but the manual makes it sound like I need a loopback
T 100 succeeds when testing the LCSPX graphics board.

The system had been a boat anchor until a short time ago, as the battery in the Dallas DS1287A RTC was dead.  Amazon just delivered two DS12887’s.  Once I replaced it, it came right up.  I was surprised to see I had a 4GB and a 2GB drive in it.

Now to dig out the mouse, and wait for the parts to hook it up to a monitor. :-)


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