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Sat May 22 12:20:31 CDT 2021

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In this the weakest link would appear to be the SD Card.  As such it seems to me that the best solution would be to have 2 or more SCSI2SD?s in the device. I?m not sure what benefit would be achieved by using a single board to present multiple devices.  Unless of course you had a drive size limitation, or you?re trying to emulate something like 2GB or 4GB drives.  As an example, that would be handy for VAXen with a 1GB Boot Drive limitation.


   I am using SCSI2SD cards in a VAXstation 4000/90a, and in a MV3100-80 as well as 
an Alpha DS10. 

  In the two VAXes, I use two SCSI2SD cards, configured identically with a system drive and a 
user drive on class 10 16GB microSD cards.  So each microSD card has both the system drive 
and the user drive.

   Thus I can use VMS backup from one microSD card to another so that if one microSD card fails I can 
easily recover from it. So far I have not had hardware failures, but being able to recover from a 
bad software installation which has been VERY helpful.


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