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Grant Taylor cctalk at
Sun May 23 11:13:14 CDT 2021

Hi Rich,

On 5/23/21 1:06 AM, Richard Pope via cctalk wrote:
>     There is so much here. I want five hundred for all of it and 750 to 
> delivered it to any where in the lower 48. This allows me to continue 
> driving around the country!


That seems about par.  Delivery of retro computing items costing more 
than the items themselves.

The price is quite likely reasonable.  Unfortunately, I'm not in a 
position to pay that much for a lot and definitely not S&H on top of it. 

> I'll throw in the Simpsons! No gorillas, climate controlled, no 
> damage. It will cost more than that to ship it.


> I live in Reedsburg, WI 53959. Where do you live?

Longmont, CO 80503

I would need a lot more information to make a decision, to broach and 
justify it to the household CFO.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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