VAXstation 4000/90 Diagnostics

Zane Healy healyzh at
Sun May 23 13:27:51 CDT 2021

On May 23, 2021, at 10:37 AM, emanuel stiebler <emu at> wrote:
> On 2021-05-21 16:38, Zane Healy via cctalk wrote:
>> Is anyone familiar with the 4000/90 diagnostics?  It looks like it will fail the test of the LCSPX graphics board, if it’s not plugged into a monitor, or is missing a loopback device. Is that correct?
>> T 2 fails, but the manual makes it sound like I need a loopback
> IIRC, it is normal that it fails, without a monitor attached.
> Did you try to switch to serial console, if it still complains?

I suspected that was the case.  I’m currently only on a serial console, until I solve my monitor cable problems.

>> T 100 succeeds when testing the LCSPX graphics board.
> If you have amonitor attached, you would see some colors flipping and
> some drawing being made on the screen

Once I get a monitor attached, I plan to run it through the full screen diagnostics.

>> The system had been a boat anchor until a short time ago, as the battery in the Dallas DS1287A RTC was dead.  Amazon just delivered two DS12887’s.  Once I replaced it, it came right up.  I was surprised to see I had a 4GB and a 2GB drive in it.
> Which ones did you get? (source?)
> Have to fix another two in the near future …

DS12887+ from Amazon.  

>> Now to dig out the mouse, and wait for the parts to hook it up to a monitor. :-)
> Yes, the monitor cable is fun to look for …

I should have a monitor cable by Thursday, assuming I don’t find the one that I’m sure I have before that.  Since I’ve been searching for the cable for several months, I decided to buy one off eBay, and I have the parts I should need to hook it up to a modern monitor.  Wow!  FedEx just delivered the cable, so I guess I’ll be hooking it up shortly.  It looks brand new.

When I dug back to the mice, I found I have two VSXXX-AA hockey puck mice, so I’m even more convinced that I have a monitor cable somewhere.  I also found a AUI loopback with the mice.

The next part I need is a C15 power cable for MicroVAX 3300, I’ll see about picking that up tomorrow or Wednesday.  I don’t believe that I’ve ever tested the MicroVAX 3300.  A friend gave it to me when he was moving out of his apartment.  Given that it’s only 2.4 VUPS, I can’t see me doing anything with it at this point.  I should also test my MicroVAX III while I’m at this.


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