RS64 on a PDP-8?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun May 23 15:54:53 CDT 2021

    > Is there a controller to attach an RS64 disk to a PDP-8? The only
    > controller for the RS64 I can find is the UNIBUS RC11. Thanks.

I never saw any reply, so I gather the answer is 'no'. I looked through the
stuff on BitSavers for a bunch of other machines (IIRC, PDP-9 and PDP-12
and maybe one more), didn't see anything.

The odd thing is that based on the RS64 manual cover/format, it dates to the
same time period as the early -11's; and that manual is very careful to
separate the drive info from the controller. Very strange that it wasn't
interfaced to something else (like an -8 or -9). Maybe there was at one point
a plan to do so, but plans changed?

I note that there is an RS32 - I onder if they are any relation?


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