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Mon May 24 11:12:36 CDT 2021

Wasn’t there a question as to whether LCM + L was ever going to open again
because Paul Allen’s estate’s executors are closing down things that don’t
interest them (permanently?), and COVID-19 provided an excuse to completely
lay off staff?  The website still says “closed ... for now”.

Another Allen non-profit institution, the Museum of Pop Culture (formerly
the Experience Music Project, then EMP, then Experience Music Project and
Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (“EMPSFM” for short-ish), then EMP
Museum) is now open Fridays through Mondays.

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> wrote:
> >
> > The funny part is someone replied "Donate it to a museum" and I wrote:
> >
> > "*nod* Unfortunately, after the Boston Computer Museum debacle, I'm a
> bit wary of museums. Other problem is it would just get stuck in a back
> room and eventually tossed like it almost did at Digex."
> >
> > Sometimes I wonder if I did fail. Anyone know if the LCM will be open
> this summer? I'm going to be in Seattle for a day in August, wouldn't mind
> stopping by and seeing how it was doing....
> >
> > CZ
> Having donated a sizable amount of material to LCM, I’m wondering the same
> thing.  I’ve never been able to find the time to get up there.  I’d hoped
> to make it up there last summer, but like my other plans, that didn’t
> happen.  I delayed my Sabbatical by a year, so on it now, and now I’m
> simply working on projects around home, including repairs/upgrades to my
> DEC gear.
> That’s one thing about Covid-19, it’s given me time to work on my old
> systems.
> Zane

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