Seeking: X.25 networking equipment

æstrid smith Astrid at
Mon May 24 14:03:22 CDT 2021

Hi folks,

I'm looking to build an X.25 packet data network for semi-active use
at the Connections Museum in Seattle.  Please contact me off-list
(<astrid at>) if you have any X.25-capable networking gear
(routers, PADs, cable, etc) that wants a new home.

Why?  Some of our newer equipment has serial management consoles.
Plumbing those into a proper-vintage data network would be a lot
spiffier than running around with usb-serial devices.  I'm not looking
for serial-to-telnet IP converters.

I'm also interested in setting up a public federated X.25-over-TCP
network, much like but for circuit switched data.
Cisco IOS 12 has support for DNS-based routing of XOT connections,
which I've been learning how to configure.

æstrid smith (she/her)
=<[ c y b e r ]>=
antique telephone collectors association member #4870

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