Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon May 24 17:10:31 CDT 2021

    > From: Lars Brinkhoff

    > Chris Zach wrote:
    >> I'll drop by and see which CHAOSNet card it has.

    > It may have been removed when we worked on getting ITS booted.

For a long time AI used a UNIBUS CHAOSNet card, plugged into an -11 connected
up to AI via the Rubin 10-11 interface. (I'm not sure which -11; maybe the
TV-11, but I think I remember there was another one used for the CHAOSNet? I
think the same -11 that the AI Lab's 3-mbit Ethernet interface was plugged
into. If I wasn't so lazy I'd look at TV > and see.)

I'm not sure what happened after the Rubin interface died. Maybe they
built another KA I/O bus interface (like the one on ML)? Config > might
answer that question.


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