Link Rot

ben bfranchuk at
Mon May 24 17:20:51 CDT 2021

On 2021-05-24 9:58 a.m., Jules Richardson via cctalk wrote:
> On 5/22/21 10:28 PM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
>> A more disturbing popular trend is information being placed in long-ish
>> Youtube videos that could have been summarized concisely in a page of 
>> text.
> Kids. It seems to be the modern way - current generations don't want to 
> spend a couple of minutes reading text when they can sit though 30 
> minutes of visual content instead. It's like brains have lost the 
> ability to focus on something unless it's noisy and moving.

Like Television? Oh wait we don't have that anymore. Just You-tube with ADS.

What scares me, is all this store all in the cloud stuff, or on the 
internet like help files. You cannot buy a program but only an Free
APP with ads and other nonsense from <computer brand name> store.

Soon I suspect it will ONLY APPROVED by M$/APPLE/GOOGLE web pages can be 
viewed and all cloud access will have service charge. This I fear the 
most because you are forced into a system with no freedom
and no options out.

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