LCM and AI

Chris Zach cz at
Mon May 24 17:28:33 CDT 2021

> For a long time AI used a UNIBUS CHAOSNet card, plugged into an -11 connected
> up to AI via the Rubin 10-11 interface. (I'm not sure which -11; maybe the
> TV-11, but I think I remember there was another one used for the CHAOSNet? I
> think the same -11 that the AI Lab's 3-mbit Ethernet interface was plugged
> into. If I wasn't so lazy I'd look at TV > and see.)

Well, this was the KS implementation of AI, it had a two wide card set 
that was wire-wrapped with love. I did take the one out of (I think) MC, 
that is in my spare set of cards along with an extra console card from 
AI. And of course the

The switches are still set, so we should be able to figure out which 
system it came from if anyone still had the documentation on that thing. 
Lots of wirewrap....

AI did have a full width Micom/Interlan Unibus Ethernet card, so I think 
it talked to the Chaosnet/ address space using that. That card 
is in AI, I don't remember a similar one being in MC.

Someone should check with Dave to see exactly what's in MC as he seems 
to have it at the moment.

BLT only has the CPU box, so its Unibus box is lost to history with 
whatever interface it had to get to the net.


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