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Tom Hunter ccth6600 at gmail.com
Tue May 25 08:35:10 CDT 2021

I have learned not to trust any computer museum to properly look after any
artefacts in the long run. I have seen the following:

   - they lose funding and shut down;
   - the building they had for free is sold or demolished and the
   collection no longer has a home;
   - museum management changes and they decide to no longer display certain
   - they replace real objects with fancy multimedia presentations;
   - they suck in anything and everything and send unwanted items or
   duplicates to the dumpster rather than trying to find a new home for stuff
   they don't want or need;

Don't trust that museums will abide by your wishes when you donate an item.
They almost never will no matter how secure you think your agreement with
them is.

I believe that enthusiastic and competent individuals will look after
valuable items much better than most museums can.

Best regards
Tom Hunter


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