How to read Osborne 1 Floppies?

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Tue May 25 14:25:55 CDT 2021

On Tue, 25 May 2021, Zane Healy wrote:

> Yes, we need to be able to access the files.
> I’m going to see if my old 486 will still boot up, I know I used to use it with imaging RX50 floppies.  I’m not an x86 collector, so have a pretty limited selection of PC Hardware.  I’m on my Sabbatical right now, so this request came in at a good time.  Though first I have to finish up on some VAX and Alpha systems I’m working on, so as to free up space.  That or finish a cleaning project in my office. :-) The cleaning project is needed to finish the VAX/Alpha projects…
> Is there any chances of reading these with Commodore 128 running CP/M, or a Kaypro 2?  The Kaypro is definitely on my “project list”, it worked last time I played with it.  I *might* have a DEC Rainbow, or I might have given it away.  If I do, I have no idea of its condition.  An Apple //e would be another old system with 5.25” drives, but seems more unlikely.  I might still have an old Kaypro PC, though it hasn’t been used since ’94 (and there is a good chance it went to LCM).
> My focus is DEC and Commodore, though I do have a lot of Apple // gear.
> Zane

For a while, Uniform was bundled with some Kaypro models.  The Kaypro 
HARDWARE can certainly do the MFM double density ones (~200K) with 
Uniform, but I don't know ehther it can do the FM single density (~100K) 

The Commodore 128 with CP/M should be hardware capable, but I don't know 
of any software for it.  Did they bundle any disk format conversion 
software with it?

DEC Rainbow would be hardware capable, but I don't know what software 
there is.  There was a program 35 years ago, . . .

Apple2 can NOT do it.  Well, unless you have one of the aftermarket 
IBM/WD/MFM supporting disk controller boards, such as the Sorrento Valley 

PC can normally do it.  360K drive preferred.
Almost anything from 5150 up can do the MFM dounle density.
Dave Dunfield's TESTFDC can tell you whether the hardware can do the FM 
Single Density.

XenoCopy used to support the MFM double density Osborne format, but NOT 
the FM Single Density.
Chuck implied that 22Disk could do BOTH.

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