MicroVAX 3300/3400

Zane Healy healyzh at avanthar.com
Tue May 25 12:53:51 CDT 2021

I’m still not 100% sure if this is a 3300 or a 3400.  It’s in a BA400X chassis, and after looking at the manuals last night, it seems like it’s closer to the 3400. My familarity with Q-Bus MicroVAXen is limited to MicroVAX/VAXstation II’s, and a MicroVAX 3.

After getting a power cable (the only one at PCH Cables was a 3’ one, and I didn’t want to wait for more to come in), it powered right up, but is failing 4 tests.

I quickly learned last night that “TEST 9E” prints all the tests out to screen.  This effort is making me wish I had a DEC LA50 plugged into the terminal. :-)

It starts counting down diagnostics at “41”.

?57 2 17 FF 00 0000

?C2 2 01 FF 00 0001

?5C 2 01 FF 00 0002

?5D 2 0B FF 00 0003

57 = SI_memory	incr test_matter *****
5C = SII_initiator	******
5D = SII target		*******

I think this is indicating issues with the DSSI interface.  The system has two RF73 DSSI drives, which sound like they spin up.  It also has a TK70 tape drive.  It says it has 4MB and 16MB RAM, all good.

One odd thing is that the KA640-A seems to plug into another board, before the DSSI drives. I’m getting ready to dig into that, and find out what that board is.


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