MicroVAX 3300/3400

Glen Slick glen.slick at gmail.com
Tue May 25 13:54:46 CDT 2021

On Tue, May 25, 2021 at 10:54 AM Zane Healy via cctalk
<cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> One odd thing is that the KA640-A seems to plug into another board, before the DSSI drives. I’m getting ready to dig into that, and find out what that board is.

Is that an M9715 board plugged into the backplane between the CPU
board slot and the power supply, or something else?

Or is there a cable plugged into the DSSI connector on the M7624 KA640
adjacent to the memory bus connector that plugs into a some board and
stops there, and then another cable from that board to the DSSI
drives? Do the DSSI drives plug into the backplane, or do they have
cables connecting to them?

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