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> Grant and et al,
>      I have several hundred MB and expansion cards from 30 years ago
> up 
> to about 5 years ago. I would like to sell all of my computer
> equipment. 
> Boards, cards, cables, covers, printers, monitors, computers. The
> whole 
> works.
>      I probably have cancer and if I do I am dead. i have been
> selling 
> off everything that I own and I have been using the funds to drive
> all 
> around the country full filling my bucket list. Please help me by
> taking 
> everything off my hands? I still have two Simpson 260 VOMs that I
> want 
> to see go to a good home instead of hitting the trash.
>      Grant, Randy has not responded to me. Yes, I have Arcnet and 
> Ethernet ISA cards. What info do you need?
> GOD Bless and Thanks,
> rich!
Man, that bites. Seen too many people I know die of cancer. 
Simpson meters are nice, and having an analog around is good, hope
someone snags them. Too rich for my blood.
Reminds me have a old NRI VTVM I need to get working, think I'm gonna
try to wire in a 50B5 instead of the dead 50C5. FETVOMs interest me but
don't see many of those around.

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