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Grant Taylor cctalk at
Tue May 25 19:06:00 CDT 2021

On 5/23/21 4:27 PM, Richard Pope via cctalk wrote:
> Grant and et al,
>     There are probably a dozen MBs from 386 to P-4 with some AMD 
> Opetrons. There are ISA cards, EISA cards, PCI cards, PCI -E cards, and 
> AGP cards. Serial cards, SCSI cards, Ethernet cards, Arcnet cards, video 
> cards and video with TV cards, Parallel Cards, IDE cards, Multi-function 
> with Serial, Parallel, IDE, and Floppy cards, unknown quantity at this 
> point on the expansion cards. Dozens of SIMMS, DIMMS, 8 bit and 9 bit. 
> All kinds of speeds.
>     Parallel cables, serial cables, at least a hundred power cables, 
> Arcnet cables, video cables, Ethernet cables, telephone cables, audio 
> cables, internal and external, ide cables, SCSI cables internal and 
> external, Ethernet hubs and switches, unknown quantity, PATA HD Drives, 
> SCSI HDDs, Tape drives both SCSI and PATA, CD-Rom drives PATA and maybe 
> SCSI, Floppy Drives, hundreds of different types of blanks that go on 
> the back of computer cases, MB adapter plates, an External SCSI Drive 
> case, Power supplies a Complete Opetron based computer, monitors, 
> printers, apple computers, a Sony true multisync monitor, UPS', 
> speakers, internal and external, lots of books, software. It is 30 years 
> of collecting and repairing computers.

That sounds like a very interesting collection.  I am definitely 
interested in /parts/ of it.

But, unfortunately I'm not in a position to take on such a purchase 
($500+$750) myself at this time.  Especially after unexpectedly spending 
nearly that much on the HVAC this week.  :-(

>     The gold alone is worth more than what I am asking for everything!
> rich!

I'll take your word for that.  My uninformed opinion is that the amount 
of gold in most electronics is not worth the effort.  I'm sure that used 
to be different than it is now.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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