How to read Osborne 1 Floppies?

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Wed May 26 13:12:39 CDT 2021

Depending on when you need them, VCFMW is coming up in a few months. I 
have a number of Osborne 1's as well as a couple of 386 machines set up 
with Teledisk (I bought it *years* ago when it became available to 
listmembers), imagedisk, and *maybe* Dave Dunfields IMD(?). As VCFMW 
gets closer and you still need these floppies read, let me know and I'll 
put the machines in with the stash of "junque" to unload :).

I *think* you are on the East coast, and it would surprise me if the 
RICM doesn't have working Osbornes.


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> Yes, we need to be able to access the files.
> I?m going to see if my old 486 will still boot up, I know I used to use it with imaging RX50 floppies.  I?m not an x86 collector, so have a pretty limited selection of PC Hardware.  I?m on my Sabbatical right now, so this request came in at a good time.  Though first I have to finish up on some VAX and Alpha systems I?m working on, so as to free up space.  That or finish a cleaning project in my office. :-) The cleaning project is needed to finish the VAX/Alpha projects?
> Is there any chances of reading these with Commodore 128 running CP/M, or a Kaypro 2?  The Kaypro is definitely on my ?project list?, it worked last time I played with it.  I *might* have a DEC Rainbow, or I might have given it away.  If I do, I have no idea of its condition.  An Apple //e would be another old system with 5.25? drives, but seems more unlikely.  I might still have an old Kaypro PC, though it hasn?t been used since ?94 (and there is a good chance it went to LCM).
> My focus is DEC and Commodore, though I do have a lot of Apple // gear.
> Zane

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