How to read Osborne 1 Floppies?

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Wed May 26 22:12:56 CDT 2021

I don't remember the limitations of the unregistered Teledisk program, 
but something in the back of my mind says Dave Dunfields IMD (?) will 
translate Teledisk programs.

Something I've found very useful over the years is the Don Maslin 
archive (I think also posted on bitsavers.) A quick check shows (at 
least the ones I looked at) the Osborne protgrams available in Teledisk 
format as:

Name	Format	Description
OS1BASIC	SSSD	Osborne 1 Basic disk
OS1DBASE	SSSD	dBase II program disk
OS1DIAS	SSSD	Osborne 1 diagnostics disk
OS1MCAL	SSSD	Osborne 1 communications disk
OS1MDM7	SSSD	Osborne 1 Modem 740
OS1SYSS	SSSD	Osborne 1 system disk
OS1UTLS	SSSD	Osborne 1 utilities disk
OS1WRDST	SSSD	Osborne 1 Wordstar disk
OS1XUTLS	SSSD	Osborne 1 extended utilities

OS1NUEVO	SSDD	Osborne 1 with DD and 80 col mods
OS1SYSD	SSDD	Osborne 1 system disk (SSDD upgrade)

OSE-CPMA	SSDD	Osborne Executive CP/M 3.0 system disk #1
OSE-CPMB	SSDD	Osborne Executive CP/M 3.0 system disk #2
OSE-CPMC	SSDD	Osborne Executive CP/M 3.0 system disk #3
OSE-PSYS	SSDD	UCSD p-System disk for Osborne Executive

OSV-SYS	DSDD	Osborne Vixen CP/M 2.2 w/ MBasic & Media Master
OSV-WS	DSDD	Osborne Vixen bootable Wordstar & Supercalc 2
OSV-SC2	DSDD	Osborne Vixen bootable w/ Supercalc templates

OS1DBASE	ZIP	dBase II v2.3 for Osborne 1

On 5/26/2021 7:01 PM, Zane Healy wrote:
> On May 26, 2021, at 11:12 AM, Marvin Johnston <marvin at 
> <mailto:marvin at>> wrote:
>> Depending on when you need them, VCFMW is coming up in a few months. I 
>> have a number of Osborne 1's as well as a couple of 386 machines set 
>> up with Teledisk (I bought it *years* ago when it became available to 
>> listmembers), imagedisk, and *maybe* Dave Dunfields IMD(?). As VCFMW 
>> gets closer and you still need these floppies read, let me know and 
>> I'll put the machines in with the stash of "junque" to unload :).
>> I *think* you are on the East coast, and it would surprise me if the 
>> RICM doesn't have working Osbornes.
>> Marvin
> Both the person with the floppies, and I are in Oregon.
> I remember that Teledisk buy, thanks, you pointed me in the right 
> direction, and I found backups of my DOS C:\ Drive on my Mac with 
> Teledisk and 22Disk, it looks like they’re both unlicensed copies 
> though.  That group purchase was way in March ’99, I managed to find the 
> email from Bruce Lane, that was the HARD part, then I had to find the 
> email attachment.  That was easy.  If would do a better job of 
> searching my email archives, it would have been easy to find the email 
> itself.
> Zane

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