cctalk Digest, Vol 80, Issue 24

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Thu May 27 08:09:52 CDT 2021

On Wed, 2021-05-26 at 12:00 -0500, cctalk-request at wrote:
> If you were to find an M7626 KA660 CPU you could do away with all of
> the DSSI cabling between the CPU and the M9715 (in addition to having
> a CPU that is around twice as fast).

KA660/BA430 makes for a nice MicroVAX, had one for a while. You can
even route the SCSI on the backplane as well, and the sleds pick up
whichever you need. Too bad DSSI stuff either isn't more common or DEC
found a way to route full cluster over SCSI, that was neat too (and
faster than LAVAC for KA660).
I seem to recall a highly opinionated VAX/BSD partisan also bestowed on
it the rare (in his system) title of "real VAX"

In the completely unrelated category my state has signs out asking us
to "VAX up" which has me itching to get my VAXes out again. Sadly HP
shut down the hobbyist license issuing before they got to my request

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