how to make use of daisy wheel printer

Fred Cisin cisin at
Fri May 28 19:40:04 CDT 2021

Some characters that might not otherwise be available could be done with 
over-strike, such as an accent mark (When you apply for a job, do you send 
a RESUME?") or the tilde over N (There is an exit off of 280 that is 
incorrectly labelled "LA CANADA road")  The en~e character is recognized 
as a normal letter in Spanish.

Although there isn't a LOT of use for it, overstrike with hyphens is 
sometimes used to indicate an informal edit or redaction.

Some daisy wheel printers, even some models of HiType I, such as DTC-300, 
had micro-spacing.
Besides PROPORTIONAL spacing, 
You could print a period, move a TINY amount, print another period, and be 
able to draw or plot. (Or would that be PLOD?  And you thought that a 
Calcomp Plodder was slow!))
Some daisy wheels had reinfoced period, underline and hyphen to prevent 
premature wear.

Wordstar had some "drivers" for proportional spacing.
I kinda doubt that there are practical Windoze drivers.

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On Sat, 29 May 2021, Christian Groessler via cctalk wrote:

> Hi all,
> what are the word processing options for a daisy wheel printer?
> I would like to be able to write "bold face" (double stroke) and underline 
> some parts. I guess there aren't any other capabilities to exploit on a daisy 
> wheel printer.
> Operating system is unixish (Linux/NetBSD/FreeBSD). MS-DOS would work, too.
> Maybe something like (g|t)roff?
> Is there something you'd recommend?
> regards,
> chris

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