how to make use of daisy wheel printer

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> Were there Unix versions of WS? Or any other solution with Unix? I prefer 
> the ability to log in from remote.

I think Gnu troff and/or ghostscript should have a suitable driver.  Old 
drivers are rarely deleted even years after they fall out of popularity.

I still have a Xerox 1750 daisy wheel printer in the attic that I brought 
home from work when the newly arrived Imagen laser printer and ditroff made 
the 1750 unfashionable.

At work we used TROFF to drive the 1750 for letter quality output, the
bulk of the printing was done with two Data Printer Corporations Chaintrain
printers (for some reason I have the DPC maintenance manuals here at home)
which were certainly not letter quality.

After I brought the 1750 home I ran it with troff on my BSDi Unix box for a 
number of years and drove it with Wordstar 4.0 on my TRS-80 Model II CP/M. 
It was a good letter quality printer but I never tried any clever graphics 
or anything like that even though it was documented in the 1750 manual.

The 1750 was retired after I broke a petal off my last surviving Courier 10
print wheel and could not find any replacements.  I replaced the 1750
with a Deskjet 500 that I also fished out of the trash at work and ran for
ten years without any major repairs but I had retired the TRS80 by the
time I got the DeskJet 500 so I never tried to make it work with WordStar.
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