DEC Computer Lab for sale

Vincent Slyngstad vincent.slyngstad at
Sun May 30 01:33:39 CDT 2021

On 5/29/2021 10:52 PM, William Donzelli wrote:
>> While the mini-banana makes a passable (though expensive) modern
>> substitute, I believe the originals were hollow crimp-on taper pins,
>> #42107 or #42279.
> Really? I have loads of taper pin patch cables. I should try one out.
> The sockets just loom too big for taper pins.

I have a few original cables.  They look to my untrained eye like 
stranded hook-up wire with a crimp-on pin on each end.  The pins look 
like brass, and are about the size of the ones in the DEC current loop 
connectors, except brass and fatter as you move back toward the crimp.

Like proper taper pins, they wedge nicely into the brass annuli on the 
H-500.  They also work nicely in the earlier Logic Lab panels that took 
the flip-chip modules.  I wish I could find a source for the pins, as 
I'd like to make a pile of patch cables!

Unless your taper pin patch cables fit, and you want to unload a bunch 
of them :-).


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