MA8807A ic datasheet wanted

Tony Duell ard.p850ug1 at
Mon May 31 07:16:23 CDT 2021

OK, this is mildly off-topic... I am working on a piece of
telecom-related test gear and there's one IC I can't find data on.

It's a 40 pin DIL package made by GEC (the UK company), marked
MA8807A. I thought at first it was a ULA, but I can find refeences to
a 8bit * 8bit -> 16 bit multiplier with that number, so I guess that's
it. But I can't find a datasheet or even a pinout.

It may have appeared under the Plessey brand too, but I am not certain
of that I've been along my bookshelves, looked in the obvious books on
bitsavers etc and found nothing.

Does anyone have any data on this chip?


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